When our jackets were conceived, no compromise was made with the materials nor the craftsmanship employed. The leather, the nylon, the cashmere, the cotton, the badge...The whole product is comprised of the best ”stuff” available....Then why are DDN's jackets so "affordable"?....Look at the graphic below:

We simply are saving you a lot of money by being 2 or 3 steps less than a traditional brand. We don't sell to re-sellers. We sell only to the final customer (YOU).

We then go on and save you a lot of money by not spending it on models, ads, PR companies, and other subjective elements...as well as other normal expenses of traditional brands: Rent, salaries of shop personnel...Look at this other graphic.

When we conceive a DDN product we are thinking of the following:

We need to make a product that will be in use for at least a decade. And a product that the owner would want to wear for at least that much time. The styles that DDN employs do now follow a temporary trend. They are styles that "refuse" to die. A Bomber cut jacket, a padded vest, a Biker cut jacket, a hooded winter coat...We create modern, sporty cuts. No radical collars, fists or patterns. Then we go and source premium materials. Deerskins: Full grain, smooth finish, naturally light.

Aniline lambskins: Top grain, extremely smooth finish, stretchy, lightweight.

Lambskins: Full grain, smooth finish.

Cowhide: Full grain, rough finish.

Heavyweight Nylon: Thick weave, wool-nylon composite treated to perform outstandingly in rainy and windy conditions.

Lightweight Nylon: Very thin weave, lightweight and very comfortable, wool-nylon composite treated to perform outstandingly in rainy and windy conditions.

Cashmere: Virgin cashmere weave (Virgin=not reclaimed from previously worn fabrics), providing outstanding comfort and the optimal insulation that cashmere is known for. Then we source world-class tailors to conceive the product.

The DDN Badge: A great feature of our product has been the badge. After the product is assembled. Each DDN garment is fixed manually with the "Cananas". That's the term used by Mexican Revolutionaries for the bullet-belts and inspiration for our notorious logo. The fixed badge.

A platform of walnut coated with 3 layers of enamel. Then an extremly durable synthetic composite used for badges in the automotive industry. It's very difficult to damage and it's made to be able to be restored to its original appearance over and over. Whenever desired/needed. The removable badge.

A new feature on certain jacket models is the removable badge. 20% smaller in diameter and made of the same durable synthetic composite. The owner can place it freely on the garment, or nowhere at all. A now patented idea, it comprises two powerful magnets that are neutralized not to irradiate magnetism other than to each other. So, don't worry about erasing the data on your credit cards or killing the pacemaker using relative. Don't worry either about leaving a mark on your jacket if you remove it. Skins regenerate fully after about fifteen minutes to a half hour and nylon pieces show no marks at all after removing the badge.


The founders of this company, as well as its collaborators, have the aim of counteracting the "throw away culture" that has steered consumption trends in the last decades. Buy a jacket for a special event, another one for work, another one for leisure, another one for a special outfit, buy often and buy cheap. The same goes with other garments, shoes, devices and practically all items consumed. We want our customers to use our product every day, for many or all occasions. And, if after many years of service, the jacket needs mending, we encourage them to go to a local tailor and mend it.

When we conceive our products we want them to become the object that "ages beautifully". We will not age a jacket for you by using chemicals. You have to do it yourself! Your jacket will develop worn spots, scratches, the tone will modify over time...You and people around you will come to the conclusion that it's looks are getting better and better!, and you will do the math and come to the conclusion that by having one such product, you've avoided purchasing 5, 7 or 10 other ones!...Then we will accept your gratitude for "forcing" you to age your jacket the right way.

Low quality, ephemeral products oblige the factories to churn out huge volumes of product, that require huge volumes of raw materials, that leave behind huge volumes of residuals, that are enormously harmful to our environment.

We certainly hope that our line of thought can inspire others to follow.


We decided not to spend a thing on printed advertising in order to offer you the best possible value. If we spend on models, photographers, advertising space, PR agencies. You would have to pay for it. We’d rather give you an outstanding product loaded with tangible components instead of charging you a great deal more for subjective components....You're welcome....;)