Some of our favorite testimonials…

J. Fernandez from Houston, Texas. (Owner of a DeMayran Raw Jacket)

Wow!!!! that's how I would describe Division del Norte. I ordered De Mayran Raw, their experienced staff helped me get the correct size on the first try.... the jacket arrived ahead of schedule. The jacket is by far the best quality, looks and fit I've ever seen. I own several Leather jackets, but none of them come even close to the superb finish on it. I will never buy another leather jacket from any other brand other than Division del Norte!!! I liked it so much that I placed an order for the Canana Ultra Black…

Jerry Daniels. Vancouver, BC. Canada (Owner of a CENTAURO coat)

Just received my Centauro jacket today. Thanks! I have a compliment and a complaint. The compliment: It's the best made, stunning, cool, tough, elegant jacket I've owned (and I've had plenty of 'em) I know I'll wear this jacket for at least 10 years. The complaint: The weather is not cold enough for me to wear it yet. Nothing you can do about it, just felt like letting the frustration out ;)

Ken McClintock. Guildford, Surrey. UK (Owner of a CENTAUTRO VELA coat)

The pictures don't do justice to the real thing! Excellent product, excellent service. Exceeded my already high expectations.

Seijirō Endō. Tokio, Japan (Owner of a CENTAURO DEER VEST)

Spent my year end's bonus on your deer vest. Great decision!

D. Schuhmayr of Ernsgaden, Bayern. Germany (Owner of a FUSTER jacket)

(...)The jacket is fashionable, the material and workmanship are at the highest level technically(...) the price is entirely appropriate."

Joao Silva. Phoenix, Arizona USA (Owner of a FUSTER LAMBSKIN Jacket)

Got it as a present from the wife. Usually I grin and say 'thanks honey, I love you' when I get her present. This time I went: 'This is awesome! I soooo Love you!

Jason Whittle. London, UK (Owner of a CENTAURO DEER BLACK coat)

Photo doesn't do this justice (…) Bought this for myself as a birthday treat. The deer skin is incredibly fine making the jacket light and flexible. The Kashmir lining makes you feel so comfortable inside. And the goose down filling ensures you are warm in any weather. I have never found a coat with such high end materials and a modern cut, normally only heavy coats in traditional lines use materials like deer skin and Kashmir. I just wish the winters were a bit colder so I could wear it more often!

Alfredo Ramirez. Atlanta, Georgia USA (Owner of a YUNCLER Jacket)

I just received my Yuncler jacket and I can't wait to wear it every week this winter. The leather and construction are of the highest quality and the fit is impeccable. I couldn't have asked for a better jacket. I highly recommend it and I'm looking forward to check another one of their styles.

Mark Lansky. Allentown, Pennsylvania USA (Owner of a BRIGADIER Jacket)

Love,love,love this jacket great for Fall and Spring it's everything it say's it is and more, you can't go wrong on this one!

Paul Lopez. Albuquerque, New Mexico USA. (Owner of a FUSTER Jacket)

in 2013 I ordered this jacket, it got slowed down in transit due to problems in customs, I called the customer service dept at division del norte, and they offered a refund if the jacket got lost, lucky for me they found it, and it got delivered, no refund was needed and I wear my jacket with pride! Service at par with the quality of the product (…) I look forward to doing business with them again.